Atmospheres – Stuart Saul

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” What delights me is the effect of light and shade and the inner feelings that a scene can provoke.I love landscapes and maritime shorelines. The Souk at Nizwa, Oman and the Canary Wharf photos capture two totally different kinds of Souk, with dramatic natural lighting. The Rye Harbour shows us the magnificence of a natural sunset across an ancient shoreline, and the evening snap-shot of Hastings beach has a sort of Lowry-like nostalgic atmosphere, also reminding me of the talent and style of some French photographers.”

Stuart Saul – Licentiate Royal Photographic Soc

‘Hastings Evening Shoreline’

‘Rye Harbour​’

‘Storm brewing over Canary Wharf’

‘The Old Souk at Nizwa Oman​’